Evonik Water Repellant and Anti Corrosion Coatings

The Evonik Protectosil line of products is specially designed to help your building withstand the man made pollutants and extreme weather that conspire to deteriorate it. Industrial pollution, acid rain, biological growth, freeze-thaw, deicer salts, wind driven rain and other factors reduce the sustainability of buildings. With over 30 years of history to fall back on, Protectosil products will help increase the life cycle of your structure by mitigating the effects of these issues and also lower maintenance and cleaning costs.

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Lexington County Courthouse

The Lexington County Courthouse project located in Lexington, SC and utilizes the Evonik Protectosil Chem-Trete 40 VOC. These two buildings were cleaned and sealed to provided long lasting moisture and stain resistance.


This video shows the superior stain and water resistance of the Protectosil Aquatrete SQ product when applied to Precast Concrete Panels.

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