Envelope Systems

The Building Envelope Specialist

At Styro Systems & Claddings, we pride ourselves on representing quality products from quality manufacturers. Our products are broken down into two categories: Cladding Systems and Envelope Systems. Click on the systems below to view our list of product manufacturers.


Sub-surface Concrete Waterproofing

Alchemco’s offering of sub-surface, gel forming concrete waterproofing products and accessories, provide architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners with a new option for waterproof concrete structures.

American Hydrotech

Garden and Plaza Roofs

When it just can’t leak, American Hydrotech is there. Manufacturing their 6125 membrane for over 60 years, Hydrotech offers industry leading warranties for plaza and garden roof assemblies when installed over their waterproofing membrane.


Continuous Insulation

Dupont Performance Building Solutions manufacturers Styrofoam and Thermax Brand Insulation products. With applications from below grade, cavity wall and roofing, Dupont Performance Building Solutions has the right product for all 6 sides of the building envelope.


Water Repellant and Anti Corrosion Coatings

With over 30 years of history to fall back on, Protectosil products will help increase the life cycle of your structure by mitigating the effects of man-made pollutants and extreme weather while also lower maintenance and cleaning costs.


Architectural Pavers

Hanover Architectural Products has been providing quality paving products to the architects and designers for over forty years. Concrete, asphalt, granite and porcelain paver options are available along with a full line of accessories.

Knight Wall Systems

Thermally Broken Rain Screen Attachment Systems

Knight Wall System is the most advanced Thermally Isolating Rainscreen system on the market today. Whether going over rigid insulation or mineral fiber insulation, Knight offers a job specific, engineered system to attach any cladding material.

MM Systems

Expansion Joints

MM Systems is an industry leader in Expansion Joint systems. With a full line of both Exterior Waterproof joints and Interior Architectural joints, along with expert field technical representatives, MM Systems is the ideal partner for Expansion Joint Systems.


Waterproofing and Air Barriers

Polyguard Architectural Products offer both waterproofing membranes and air barrier membranes. Polyguard offers both pre applied and post applied waterproofing options for below grade applications, as well as specialty products for balconies and roofing underlayment.


Insulated Concrete Panels

T.Clear offers a full line of concrete faced insulation products. Everything from protected membrane systems, cement board faced wall panels, to below grade systems, T.Clear has a solution for the whole building envelope.

TruFast Walls

Insulation and Wall Cladding Fastener Systems

TruFast Walls offers a wide range of fastener options for the exterior building envelope. TruFast offers anchors ranging from anchors for exterior gypsum sheathing to air barrier sealing insulation fastening systems, and even their new Thermally Broken Masony Veneer Anchor.